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Shareholder Notices

  • Levy Payments: Levies must be paid in terms of the Use Agreement and no occupation or usage of any form is allowable until the levies have been paid. (This applies to usage, spacebanking, renting, etc. of the timeshare week.) For alternative payment arrangements, please contact Property Admin:
  • Spacebanking and Rentals: Please note that a request for spacebanking or rental must be submitted to Property Admin a minimum of five months prior to the occupation date, to enable us to process them. Please contact Property Admin:
  • Occupation Dates: Please note that resort calendars are linked to school holidays, and it is therefore vital that you check the annual calendar to ensure that you occupy the correct week.
  • VRS Website: Be sure to take a look at our website with a dedicated owner’s page for our valued Shareholders where you can download Calendars, Instruction Letters and Use Agreements.
  • Checking in Procedures: In the interest of safety, security and ensuring that only confirmed guests are allowed access to the resort, you will be required to produce the reservation confirmation / guest certificate and your ID, and also to complete the indemnity form when checking into the resort.
  • Guest Certificates: In the event that you are allowing a guest to occupy your timeshare week, the guest must be in possession of a valid Guest Certificate which is obtainable from the Resort prior to the guest's arrival.
  • Communication: To enable us to communicate effectively, please ensure that you keep us updated regarding your current contact details, and most importantly, your email address.
  • Covid-19 HygienicHospitality: For information with regards to our management solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our Managing Agents' Website here.

General Notices

Please note that the VRS Head Office will be closed on the following days:
- Thursday, 24 September 2020 and Friday, 25 September 2020, we will return for business as usual on Monday, 28 September 2020.

Say no to Mozzies


Shareholders, please take a moment to read this very important VOASA Consumer Alert!
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As Managing Agent of Ngwenya Lodge, VRS aims to "Create the Environment for Everlasting Holiday Memories". The experience positions VRS as the Leading Management Professional in the Leisure and Hospitality Industry. For more information visit:

VRS Options
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As a Shareholder of Ngwenya Lodge, a VRS managed Resort, VRS offers you an online website where you access alternative destinations! When you deposit your Ngwenya holiday with VRS Options, you will be assigned Tokens, which you can then use to trade for another holiday from the VRS Options platform.


"hha252: This is a wonderful family resort, the kids had so much fun, and great game viewing from inside the resort, didn't even have to leave the resort... "

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