Conserving our Heritage

Ngwenya Lodge's Social Responsibility

Ngwenya Lodge's focus on social responsibility, as well as conservation, is multi-faceted. There are a number of projects and plans aimed at protecting and strengthening the incredible and diverse elements which make South Africa so unique and special. Follow and support the Ngwenya team as they work to preserve this slice of paradise…


Close to our hearts, and such an important factor and attraction of the "Jewel at the Kruger", are the rich biomes and incredible wildlife which make Ngwenya a paradise. Ngwenya is always on the lookout for evidence-based conservation techniques and projects which drive success for the conservation of the Kruger National Park.


Application for Mining Right

The Board would like to bring to your attention the application for a mining right which has been lodged over Tenbosch Farm which affects Ngwenya Lodge and various other properties bordering the Kruger National Park and the Crocodile River. Please join us in registering as an Interested and Affected Party to protect our heritage site, environment and our and Ngwenya Lodge's interests.

Please download the documentation here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our responsibility not only lies in the wildlife and landscape which are abundant throughout the Kruger National Park and surrounds, but also on South Africans as a people.

African Blessings

Ngwenya Lodge identified African Blessings, a South African Non-Profit Organisation, as an ethical and morally-sound partner for the Resort.

African Blessings is on a mission to uplift the communities of South Africa and are working to create a haven for orphaned and abandoned children and new-borns; and neglected and abused domestic animals, all while uplifting and empowering South African communities through sustainable farming methods and food security skills transfer and food garden establishment and maintenance support.
Ngwenya Lodge regularly hosts initiatives at the Resort for shareholders and guests to get involved in; for more information on this cause, visit

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